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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I contact you in the case of an emergency?

No, you would need to contact your local health provider, or call the emergency services. We will of course be able to assist in the aftermath of such an occurrence and adapt your care plan if necessary.

Will my carer or nurse be able to advise me or prescribe me medicine?

No, our carers and nurses will work in conjunction with your existing health provider but will not provide or prescribe medication. Our nurses are fully qualified and will administer your prescribed medication and attend to your health care needs, such as wound dressing.

Are you able to provide 24 hour care?

Yes, we tailor all of our plans to your individual needs and we therefore we can provide 24 hour care including sleepover and active duty night care for however long you need it.

Can I pay for care using my health insurance?

Many of our clients claim from their private health insurance and we are happy to advise upon this. Your health insurance will need to cover use in Portugal, therefore if you are unsure about this please contact them directly to check.

How do you select your nurses and carers?

We follow a stringent recruitment process for all of our nurses and healthcare assistants to ensure that they are fully qualified and suitable for Hibiscus. This enables us to supply our clients with the highest quality healthcare professionals.

What training and care do your nurses and carers have?

All of our nurses and carers are fully qualified, registered and highly skilled. 

Will I need a nurse or a healthcare assistant to support me?

We will carry out a full care assessment to identify your needs and therefore determine what level of care you require. Healthcare assistants provide support with everyday activities such as getting in and out of bed, bathing and continence and meals. Nurses provide support for more complex medical requirements such as dressing wounds, administering medication, physical therapy and pain relief. Should you wish, or need, to have support from both practitioners we will be more than happy to arrange this, and should your requirements alter we can also easily adapt your plan to switch between a nurse or a healthcare assistant.

Can you help with domestic tasks such as grocery shopping?

No, we only provide health and personal care. Our focus is upon the individual themselves and we therefore can assist with activities such as getting up and going to bed, bathing, dressing, medicating and nutrition but we are not able to help with shopping or household tasks.

How much does it cost?

Each care plan is tailored for the individual's needs and therefore the cost will vary for each client. We will always discuss and agree charges prior to the commencement of your care, and you will be given a Care Agreement to sign and our terms and conditions, which form part of your agreement.

When do I have to make payments for my care?

Once we have agreed upon your requirements and the charges, we will formulate an initial assignment period for your care. You will be required to make a deposit of 50% of this initial assignment in advance and this deposit will then be deducted from your final invoice. The charges are then invoiced to you on a monthly basis and are payable within 7 days of receipt.

What if my needs change?

We understand that your health is not always predictable, therefore you are able to adapt your plan should your condition alter. We will regularly review your care package and identify any changes, also welcoming communication from yourself and those around you, to ensure that you are always receiving the best and most appropriate level of care for your needs.

What if I want to terminate my care?

You are able to terminate an assignment with two days prior written notice.

Can you advise on equipment and care aids?

 Yes, we can advise you upon the most suitable equipment and care aids for your needs. We offer a wide range of equipment on a rental basis, from beds and electric hoists, to mobility aids such as wheelchairs and care aids such as commodes and pressure relief pads. We offer short and long term rentals depending upon your condition and we are able to transport, fit and demonstrate all items.  We are also able to supply specific items on request. Please contact us for a full equipment list and to discuss your needs.

My mother/father will not accept that he/she needs help – can you help us?

Yes, we can come out and meet both of you together and talk through what we can do to help.

Do you provide other services such as complementary therapies?

Not directly at the moment, but we are more than happy to help our clients find the services they are looking for.

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